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Our Angora Rabbits Consist of Satin Angoras, French Angoras,  and Satin/Germin Hybrids

Our satin angoras are friendly and have calm dispositions.  The colors we have are red, copper, torte, chocolate and black. We have some that we breed and some that we use only for their wool. We don't eat our rabbits, any rabbit that we don't use for breeding is used for wool.

Our pedigreed satin angoras in our breeding program:





Color: Chocolate Agouti

Dob: 3/29/2009








Deb - Picture  coming soon


Color: Chestnut

Dob: 8/12/2009

Paige's Darn Cuties-Cobalt Picture coming soon


Color: Blue

Dob: 6/12/2010






Color: Chocolate

Dob: 2/4/2009







 September Picture coming soon


Color: Black

Dob: 9/1/2009

Our pedigreed french angoras in our breeding program:


Our breeding stock consists of blue, white and black pedigreed french angora rabbits from show lines.

Paige's Darn Cuties-Tusker(Doe to the 2011 Angora Rabbit Nationals, Best In Show winner) Picture coming soon


Color: Blue


To see our current angora rabbits for sale click on the 'RABBITS FOR SALE' tab on the left.  If you're interested in being put on our waiting list for future litters please call us at 715-648-5150 or email us at